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How to draw a pheasant tutorial



There are many types of pheasants in the world.
I watched the Golden and silver pheasants in the zoo. These birds of Paradise. The silver one looked very stylish and elegant and Golden pheasant struck with his splendor. These were males. Female pheasants look quite modestly.
Let`s learn how to draw a Golden pheasant.
Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant drawing step by step

Pencil sketch will show us the General plan of the future picture.

As you may have noticedthe tail of the pheasant is very beautiful and long.And that it is fully seated in the frame we have to really move the bird to the right
Pheasant pencil sketch
We begin drawing with the torso which is the most noticeable part of the whole figure.
Pheasant torso drawing
 Golden pheasant on its head has a bright yellow crest, cascading along the neck. So the head looks bigger than it really is. Among the feathers you can see little eyes and a beak.
Pheasant head drawing
The legs are long and slender – a typical chicken.
Pheasant step by step
Unlike peacocks, pheasants do not dismiss a tail fan,and carry it compactly folded.However,even in this form, their tail is very beautiful.
Pheasant drawing
Let’s paint the Golden pheasant. And so he began to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.
Golden Pheasant drawing

 Golden Pheasant drawing lesson 2

Step 1 –  pheasant pencil sketch:

Pheasant  pencil sketch

Step 2 – draw the body:

Pheasant drawing tutorial

Step 3 -add  legs and a small head:

Pheasant drawing lesson

Step 4 – draw a  folded  tail^

Pheasant  outline

Step 5 – use the right colors:

Pheasant colored drawing

And one more Pheasant  drawing:

Pencil pheasant sketch

Golden  Pheasant  drawing

The common pheasant is similar to Golden, but looks much less luxurious. We will learn how to draw  it next time.



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