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How to draw a Perch tutorial



How to draw a Perch.


Perch is a very common river fish. And it seems that he is the most likely catch for fishermen -on every other photos on the internet poor fish with a hook in the mouth. Or entangled in nets. Well, rejoice that we were not born perch and proceed to the drawing lesson.

 How to draw a Perch

The body has a spindle shape with a small hump in the front.

Perch body drawing

The head in profile looks triangular with a round eye and a large mouth.  There are semicircular gill covers where it is supposed to be the neck.
Perch drawing lesson
Draw the tail. And still two dorsal fins – the front is equipped with hard awnings, and the rear is softer.
Perch drawing tutorial
There are a lot of fins on the ventral side, we will draw them, but we will not find out what they are called according to science.
Perch outline
These fins often have a rather bright red color. On the sides there can be distinguishable dark stripes.
 Perch colored drawing



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