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How to draw a kiwi bird tutorial

How to draw a kiwi?

Actually, there are two things in the world with the same name “kiwi”. These are the Chinese gooseberries and the New Zealand flightless bird. It is this amazing bird, we will draw today.

Kiwi can be compared to a regular chicken in size.

How to draw kiwi

The body of the kiwi is pear-shaped. And since the feathers of a bird look like fine wool, then from the side it looks like a haystack.

Kiwi drawing step by step

Kiwi has no visible wings and tail. Therefore, it moves only on legs that have a typical structure for birds. Legs are four-toed, short, but very strong, with sharp claws.

Kiwi bird drawing lesson

A small head is located on a short neck. Kiwi eyes are also small. But the long conical, slightly curved beak is very large.

Kiwi line drawing

The body of the bird is evenly covered with soft, gray or light-brown feathers.

Kiwi bird drawing

Well, we both learned how to draw the original and exotic New Zealand kiwi.



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