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How to draw a jellyfish(medusa)



Let`s learn how to draw a jellyfish. This animal is also called medusa.

Medusa photos

Jelly-fishes diverse in appearance and have a very strange structure and lifestyle.

Jelly-fish drawing – lesson 1

Jellyfish  pencil sketchThe body of a jellyfish has a shape of an umbrella, or it resembles a mushroom cap or even a luxury shade.

Medusa drawing

This dome contains all the internal organs of the jellyfish.The mouth is in the middle opened down and it is surrounded by tentacles.

Jellyfish(medusa) drawing

The tentacles can be for various purposes(hunting and stinging) and their forms are different.

Jellyfish drawingHmm. In appearance, these tentacles remind not so octopus, but worms. But I didn’t make anything up – here’s a picture from the Internet, through which we learned to draw Medusa.

 How to draw a Lelly-fish.

Since jellyfish look diverse, then let’s draw another one.

And it’s not common, but a real immortal jellyfish – Turritopsis Nutricula!

Jellyfish drawing lesson 2

Medusa drawing -3

Draw a dome body:

Medusa drawing step by step

Tentacles hang from the dome as thick bushes.

Jellyfish drawing -7

And now we’ll redo this picture in the photo editor and give it a mysterious appearance of an immortal creature.

Jelly-fish  colored drawing




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