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How to draw a Fennec Fox tutorial



How to draw a Fennec Fox.

Do you remember that fox who the Little Prince met in the fairy tale of Exupery? So, it was not just an ordinary fox, but a fox called fennec. It is the smallest fox representatives of the tribe, they live in the deserts of Africa, and have a very, very big ears.

Fennec foxes

And now we will draw step by step this cute fennec.

We find an expressive photograph and draw a pencil sketch on which we necessarily show the scheme of the bending of the paws.

How to draw a fennec fox

I advise this sketch to detail and clarify:

Fennec pencil outline

So, what do we see? The trunk seems to be oval, but to be honest, more rectangular:

Fennec fox body drawing

The tail is large and fluffy. It covers one of the  left hind leg and only the right one is visible to us.

Fennec fox drawing tutorial

I always wonder, but it’s time to get used to it – the front legs of many animals look thicker and stronger than the rear ones:

Fennec fox step by step drawing lesson

The fennec muzzle is quite a fox, except for very large and lop-eared ears.

Fennec fox outline

These foxes live in the African desert and are not painted in red, but in the color of sand – in beige.

Fennec fox colored drawing

Fennec drawing lesson 2

Step 1 -pencil sketch:

Ftnntc fox  pencil sketch

Step 2 -draw fennec body:

Fennec drawing tutorialStep 3. The largest part after the body  are the hind legs.

Fennec  drawing for kids

Step 4 -front legs:

 How to draw a  Fennec  Fox.

Step 5 –We almost forgot to draw a tail! Henceforth, we need to be smarter and draw the tail along with the body.

 Fennec fox  dfawing  lesson

Step6 – Let’s draw the head. The Fenech’s ears are so big that I felt a hesitation – maybe I should have started drawing them first?

 Fennec  fox outline

Step 7 – Let’s give the desert fox its characteristic desert coloring:

Fennec  fox colored drawing

This lesson is located (here), and I transferred it to this site so that the fennecs were together and did not yearn for each other.



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