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How to draw a Duck step by step



Let`s learn how to draw a Duck. This is another article from the series “How to draw waterfowl”.

Although we call waterfowl duck, I have to admit that this bird is good on the ground and flies well. Yes, although they have a heavy flight, our wild ducks fly South for the winter.

Duck photo

Our first lesson will be how to learn to draw a duck walking on the ground.

Duck drawing – side view

Outside of town we have a wonderful pond with a huge number of ducks.But they don’t want to pose for a picture, they come only for the bread crumbs, and realizing that there is no more use, they immediately dive into the water.

So I’ll have to copy the picture from the Internet.
How to draw a Duck
The torso of a duck has an oval shape. And if to tell more precisely – it is ovate. When the duck moves on land her torso is horizontal.
 Duck torso drawing
If the duck looked around, she would have her neck craned. But this duck is quietly looking straight ahead. Her neck is very much arched back in the form of the letter S.
Duck drawing step by step
The duck’s head is also not so much an oval, but rather ovate. In most birds the eyes are on the sides of the head and look in different directions. The eye is not round,but slightly squinted. Draw the beak which has a very characteristic duck shape.
Duck head drawing
Now draw the legs. Duck legs grow as if in the middle of the torso. Actually it is not so, the tail and long wings folded on the back elongate the body.
The feet resemble flippers –swimming membranes are stretched between the fingers.
Duck drawing
Let`s color our duck drawing. Domestic ducks are often white in color. But the wild typically have brownish-speckled feathers.
Duck drawing
In the second tutorial, we will learn how to draw a floating duck. It is very easy. Look at the pictures and draw step by step.

Duck drawing 2

When the duck floats it is to half immersed in water and the belly and legs are almost not visible.

Click images to enlarge.
Draw the head. Often on the head ducks have a black strip that goes across the eyes and gives the face a dissatisfied and strict expression.
Duck drawing step by step
Whew. We drew a lot, good job. How to draw a flying duck we will learn next time.



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