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How to draw a common seal



Let`s learn how to draw a Seal.

Seal photo

In addition to common seals, there are eared. But today we are going to draw those seals whose ears are completely invisible. The seals are marine animals.  Living in the cold seas  they are well adapted to low temperatures: they have warm fur and powerful fat deposits under the skin. They are great swimmers, hunting fish.  But on land, seals are clumsy and either lie, or crawl on their belly.

Our first tutorial will be on how to draw a seal lying on the shore.

Seal drawing 1

Seal drawing

Seal looks very simple: a small head, a thick “cylindrical” torso, tapering to the tail, the legs turned into flippers. Like… fish. It  is understandable – these animals are perfectly adapted to life in water.
Seal pencil sketch
Outline torso:
Seal drawing for kids
Both front and rear limbs of seals are very shortened – out of the thick fat protrude only the hands and feet. But they are developed very much and really resemble fins. The tail of the seal is tiny and almost not visible between hind flippers .
Seal drawing step by step
The head is small with a flattened skull and low forehead. The eyes  arevery large, but short-sighted. The nostrils look like two slits, thick and long moustache and smiling mouth – a very simple appearance.
Seal drawing
The next drawing lesson – a seal swims in the depth.

How to draw a swimming seal

Seal drawing

Click images to enlarge.

That’s how the seal looks in the water:
Swimming Seal drawing
Now you have learned how to draw a seal in the water and on land.




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