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How to draw a Clower Flower



Let`s learn how to draw a clower. There are many different types of clovers – white, red, pink. Today we will draw a clover with pink flowers.

Clower flower

We will,of course, draw from nature. This means that as the flower lies before us, we will draw reliably and without adding anything and without removing. I mean, that are we going to draw a portrait of this flower, and not some a flower like this.

First we make a sketch:

Clower sketch

The sketch shows us our nature in General, our goal is to convey the correct proportion and relative position of flower parts.
Clower  drawing
At this stage we take note of the stems and midrib of leaves.The leaves are trifoliate complex , that is, each leaf consists of three leaflets.
Next  wedraw the shape of the leaves and flower heads.
Clower drawing
Let’s outline the entire drawing with colored marker:
Clower drawing step by step
That part which we call the clover flower is actually an inflorescence composed of many small tubular flowers:
Clower flower

Clower flower drawing

And here is the result of drawing clower from nature:

Clower drawing

Hope you enjoyed and you will continue to try to draw from life,and not to indulge in speculation when it comes to real well known flowers.




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