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How to draw a Bull head and face



 By the way, do you know how to distinguish cows from bulls in the face? I don’t know.

If the bull very elite of the breed, it may be possible to guess that this man, judging by the size of the head and violent expression in the eyes. But if just  the herd grazes and all the animals are big, scary and horny – how can we guess?

So we are going to draw some sort of unified head of a bullcow.

Begin with the sketch:

Cow head sketch
Cows and bulls have the typical for herbivores shape of the head.They have a long snout similar to a truncated cone.
Bull head drawing
At the end of the muzzle there is a large nose with big nostrils. Under the nose we can see the mouth. I have to say, though bulls and cows mooing loudly,but in fact they can not open their mouth so widely. But they have a very wide nosebridge. Therefore, the eyes are located literally on the sides of the head: herbivores have a very wide overview.
Cow face drawing
Now draw the ears. Note that the ear canals are located approximately above the point of attachment of the lower jaw.Therefore, to draw ears on top is not necessary – it makes no sense to stick them in the bones of the skull from above. The auricle resembles a tube with a wide bell.
Bullhead drawing
The horns are located above the ears and they do grow from the bones. But the owners often remove the horns from the calves
Bull face drawing
We won’t color, but to draw the shades is a good thing.
Bull head drawing
Now you know how to draw a Bull(cow) head(face) -front view.
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