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How to draw a beautiful flower step by step



Flower is not easy to draw. Believe me, I know whereof I speak. From childhood we are taught to draw stylized flowers such as simplified patterns.And growing up we struggle through learned stereotypes. Right now,for example,when you read the title -how to draw beautiful flower -what did you imagine?

Most likely – how to draw a rose or Terry Daisy on imagination.

And if I offer you to learn to paint sweet peas from nature, it will be weird. But I will do just so because sweet pea is a beautiful flower and for example, it is possible to learn a lot.

How to draw a simple beautiful flower

Sweet pea
That’s the wayfirst draw a pencil diagram of stems:
Beautiful flower drawing
Then draw an outline of the whole flower:
Flower drawing step by step
And now we have to go with watercolors:
Flower drawing from nature
The leaves and stems are very simple to draw:
 Sweet peas Flower drawing
And here is the picture of a beautiful flower:
Peasblossom drawing
And if we want to draw more complex branch, then the beauty will be much more.
Sweet peas pencil outline
We will paint in stages,starting with flowers:
Peablossom drawing
All the same – now draw the leaves and twigs:
Sweet peas drawing
As you can see, we can draw a beautiful flower even if it’s not the rose or tulip, and if you draw from life, the picture will be wonderful. Look – the flower itself is nice and its drawing is beautiful too
drawing flower from nature






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