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Drawing from nature

How to draw a beautiful flower step by step

Flower is not easy to draw. Believe me, I know whereof I speak. From childhood we are taught to draw stylized flowers such as simplified patterns.And growing up we struggle through learned stereotypes. Right now,for example,when you read the title -how to draw beautiful flower -what did you imagine? Most likely – how to draw

How to draw a Peony step by step

Let's learn how to draw a beautiful peony flower.If you have a flower that looks modest, include your fantasy and add chic.

How to draw a Chamomile flower

Meet an easy Chamomile drawing tutorial where I explain step by step every stage of drawing Camomile flower.

How to draw a Clower Flower

Let`s learn how to draw a clower. There are many different types of clovers – white, red, pink. Today we will draw a clover with pink flowers. We will,of course, draw from nature. This means that as the flower lies before us, we will draw reliably and without adding anything and without removing. I mean,

How to draw a Carnation step by step

Meet step by step Carnation drawing tutorial. Of course,it is necessary to draw this beautiful double flower from nature.

How to draw a poplar from nature

Let’s start to draw trees from nature. The first our tree will be Poplar. But this poplar we will start to draw with twig. The leaves of this tree often rhombic shape.Poplar had gone to seed and long inflorescence with seed pods  are hanging from the branches. Here is the gallery of step by step 

How to draw a Wild Rose step by step

Do you know this flower? I found so many different names of this flower,just amazing:wild rose, dog rose, brier, rosehip.I can’teven believe it’s all one and the same flower.Well,I think that the  wild rose  and dog rose  arethe most widely known. Let`s learn how to draw a Wild Rose. It is clear that you draw