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Birds drawing

How to draw a Hawk tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a hawk. Hawks are predatory birds hunting in the daytime. They have excellent eyesight, a powerful bill and claws. First, let’s learn how to draw a hawk sitting. It is clear that we draw from the photograph. Start with a sketch: Draw a torso – it’s oval. Wings folded on

How to draw a Penguin tutorial

Penguins are birds living in the extreme South. Although it seems paradoxical, but it is very cold there. Therefore penguins are birds adapted to the fierce frost and life on the ice and in the icy water. They have forgotten how to fly but swim expertly as a fish. Let`s learn how to draw a

How to draw a Siskin bird

Let`s learn how to draw a siskin. Siskin is a bird of the ordinary appearance. So we are going to learn how to draw him, in order to learn how to draw birds at all. We will draw a siskin sitting on the ground. According to the rules we need to start any drawing with

How to draw a hoopoe tutorial

Let`s learnĀ  how to draw a hoopoe. Unfortunately I never met alive hoopoes. And always thought it was a bird the size of a Turkey, perhaps. But Wikipedia says only 30 cm body length. Not enough, but what colors! How to draw a hoopoe walking the earth Hoopoes fly well and very maneuverable, but if

How to draw a Seagull tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Seagull. Although this bird is called a Seagull, they thrive also in the interior of the continent. For example in our town located near a small riverĀ  they feed on human handouts like pigeons all summer. Gull is a very numerous genus that includes different species. As a rule,