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Papercraft Tortoise step-by-step

Let`s learn how to make a papercraft tortoise. In fact, I (so far) came up with two models of paper turtles. The body, legs, head and tail are the same. The difference (but big) is only in the method of manufacturing the shell. DIY papercraft tortoise -1 So, first learn how to make the little

How to make a Paper Turtle

This is another article from the series “turtle crafts for kids”. Let`s learn how to make a Turtle out of paper/cardboard. But just know that this papercraft has nothing to do with the art of origami. We will make a turtle from a few cut-out pattern details. Papercraft turtle – lesson 1 You can see

How to make a Halloween paper bat

Make a cute realistic paper bat for your kid`s Halloween. Here is a detailed step by step instruction.

How to make a paper Dog (Wolf)

Here are the two step by step lessons of modeling.First we make a paper dog . The second model is more complicated- the wolf out of paper.

How to make a paper Lizard

Let`s make a lizard out of a toilet paper roll. And if we're very careful, we will be able to create a whole paper Komodo dragon.