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Paper masks

Paper mouse mask

Let`s learn how tomake a paper mouse mask. Well, i know  about three  ways – simple, more complicated and quite complex. Well, don’t worry, they are all doable.  I made models of masks not for carnival, but as a project or sketch, which readers can change depending on their wishes. How to make a paper

How to make a paper Bunny mask

Step by step instructions how to make an easy paper carnival Bunny( rabbit, hare) mask.

How to make a paper Skull Mask

Let`s make an easy paper skull mask that your kids can wear on Halloween.

Learn How to make a paper Face Mask of a Human

Detailed step-by-step guide on how to make realistic human masks out of paper with children.This mask is very useful for a costume party or just to have fun

How to make a Cat Mask

Here is a template and a detailed instructions - how to make a Cat mask out of paper or cardboard.

How to make a Pig Mask

Let`s make a carnival or halloween Pig Mask. For this sort of props it is customary to apply  paper plates, but I offer a simpler way – craft paper or cardboard. Here’s how   this  mask of a pig looks: If you liked it and you want to do the same, then we begin. You