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Coloring Pages

Realistic Octopus coloring pages

When I learned how to draw an octopus, I thought it best to consolidate my skills, because learning to draw takes a lot of practice. While I was training I gathered a whole collection of Octopus coloring pages for you. Here it is: As you can see,all these coloring pages are realistic. Sometimes I draw

Realistic Ant coloring pages

Here is my collection of Ant coloring pages. First, I learned how to draw an ant, and then, when I learned the structure and the proportions of this insect, I started to draw all the ants in a row, photos of which can be found on the Internet.That is why all my coloring are only

Giraffes coloring pages for kids

While preparing a lesson of drawing of a giraffe I got so inspired that drew a lot of coloring giraffes. Let’s see how this African animal looks. So we see that Giraffe is a surprisingly high animal – it has very long legs and neck. We also immediately notice that t giraffe is  covered with 

Cartoon antelope coloring pages

Here’s a set of cute and fun  antelope coloring pages which I drew for you: Choose antelope coloring pages that you like and paint to your pleasure.

Cute monsters and dragons coloring pages

Here are some of my Cute monsters and dragons coloring pages which I drew for my young pupils. Select the  monsters coloring pages you like and paint a little brighter and multi-colored. Don’t hesitate to draw more stripes and spots. Don`t leave the background white – let the monsters frolic in fairyland among the wonders

Cute Cartoon Birds Coloring Pages

Here is a set of funny cartoon birds coloring pages, which I drew for my young schoolchildren: As you can see, these birds are fabulous and so  paint them as colorful and brighter, as  your imagination will  tell you!

Leaf coloring pages for kids

Сoloring pages of plants. We have already written on the topic of the  leaf templates, but since there are so many different shapes of leaves, now we continue the same theme and name differently – leaf coloring pages, although it is one and the same. And here is a collection of  leafs which I drew