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Coloring Pages

Toys coloring pages

Here are some cute toys coloring  pages for your kids. I drew them so that all the details were clearly visible. Print these coloring sheets. Ask the children to paint these details in a different colors. Pictures will be very elegant and beautiful. When the toys will be painted, you kids can train contour cutting. And

Deer coloring pages

First, I want to suggest you some cartoon deer coloring pages:

Elephants coloring pages

Here I drew for you  some elephant coloring pages – cartoon and realistic. Click images to enlarge and choose the elephant  for painting: And if you paint them all, then you’ll have a whole flock of cute cartoon elephants.

Kangaroo coloring pages for kids

Here I have drawn  several  kangaroo coloring pages for you. But to make sure that this is a kangaroo we’ll first see how they look: Such are the amazing long-legged animals that move by jumping. I looked at many photos and have drawn such coloring pages. When you choose the coloring that you like and

Floral ornament coloring pages for kids

If you want to develop fine motor skills in children and teach them to paint pictures within the delineated contour it is very useful to give them to color floral patterns.I draw coloring pages based on folk patterns.These coloring pages are good to work with 5-7 year old children. Kids love flowers and floral patterns

Sea shells coloring pages and templates

A cute collection of sea shell coloring pages and templates for kids. Print them for free and paint as you like!

Hare coloring pages for kids

This article is from the theme ” Wild forest animals coloring pages“. Here is my collection of Hare coloring pages: I want to tell you how I drew them. First I learned how to draw a Hare, but although I was sure the pictures were good and similar, it was necessary to consolidate my new