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How to make a DIY papercraft Fish out of toilet rolls

Let`s learn  how to make a papercraft fish.  I had a lot of toilet paper rolls and made my crafts out of it without saving. This craft took me four rolls. Roll  1  – the head. Slightly flatten the roll: And  make two symmetrical cutouts: Make incisions in the corners of the mouth: Roll 2

TP Roll DIY Frog

Let`s learn how to make a paper frog. I myself made this craft from TP Rolls, but this toy can be made from thin cardboard rolled into a tube. 1.Take a cardboard roll and  flatten slightly so that corners appear: 2.These corners should be cut in an arc: 3.Measure about a third of the length

DIY Paper Mouse

Let`s learn how tomake a paper mouse. But I immediately warn that these will be the  crafts glued from paper parts, not origami. Although, we must admit that the ability to deftly bend paper will be very useful to us. When I need to invent a way to make some crafts, I first do it

Papercraft Grasshopper

Let`s learn how to  make  a grasshopper out of paper. I myself made a model of a grasshopper right in the classroom.A realistic image of a grasshopper was taken as a landmark. Ten-year-old students looked at how I did, but did not copy, but did according to their projects.I got such an  “Grasshopper”: I immediately

Paper mouse mask

Let`s learn how tomake a paper mouse mask. Well, i know  about three  ways – simple, more complicated and quite complex. Well, don’t worry, they are all doable.  I made models of masks not for carnival, but as a project or sketch, which readers can change depending on their wishes. How to make a paper