Drawing and crafts

How to draw a Monitor Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Monitor Lizard. The monitor lizard is the closest relative of the Komodo dragon. But still they are different animals and there are some distinction between them. So we’ll give the monitor lizard a separate lesson. Monitor lizard drawing – side view Yes, that’s the way we act – we’ll

How to draw an Iguana tutorial

Let`s learn how to  draw an Iguana. I have reviewed a lot of pictures of iguanas when preparing to draw these lizards. And what did I see?The main part of the iguanas posing as if doing exercises -push-UPS off the ground. I guess we also have to draw an iguana is in this position. Green Iguana

Toys coloring pages

Here are some cute toys coloring  pages for your kids. I drew them so that all the details were clearly visible. Print these coloring sheets. Ask the children to paint these details in a different colors. Pictures will be very elegant and beautiful. When the toys will be painted, you kids can train contour cutting. And

How to draw Brachiosaurus

Let`s learn how to draw Brachiosaurus. In fact, no one has ever seen Brachiosaurus, even the most advanced scientists, even the most ancient people! So we ask you: don’t take these (and indeed any) such reconstructions too seriously. Brachiosaurus drawing – side view Of course, when Brachiosaurus nibbled the leaves from the tops of the

How to make a Cylinder from paper (cardboard)

Let`s learn how to make three-dimensional geometric figures from paper. During the first lesson we will make a paper cylinder. At first glance it seems that this DIY is very simple. But  on yesterday’s lesson at school I saw the difficulties encountered by the children during the making of this DIY. So I decided to