Drawing and crafts

How to draw a Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Lizard. Of course,the concept of “lizard” is very broad. Today, we are going to draw the usual lizard – Lacerta agilis. We will discuss the appearance of this lizard while we draw it. Lizard drawing – top view Start with scheme of structure: Here it is very important to

How to draw a baby polar bear

Let`s learn how to draw a baby polar bear. The kid, of course, is like an adult, but like other babies, he has a relatively large head and short legs. Cute bear, right? However, it is clear that if we want to learn how to draw animals, have to learn how to portray motion and

How to draw a Raven tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Raven. The Raven is mysterious, the mythical bird, he is the hero of many myths and fairy tales. This is understandable – this large, entirely black bird looks very impressive.┬áSurprisingly, the Raven is a relative of the Sparrow, and even refers to passerine. The raven is also related to

How to draw a mountain landscape tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a mountain landscape. Do you know what it looks like? Here’s an example: I live on the plains, never seen mountains ,and, if I was not told it, I never would have guessed. But we have the Internet and we can get information about everything. Now I know what mountains

How to draw a Starling tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Starling. It is believed that the Starling is a very common bird. It lives almost everywhere and people even specifically settled starlings because they valued their ability to kill insects and protect crops. Another issue is that starlings do not mind to eat the grain and fruit and can